Spray-painting Natural Sceneries



There goes your camera taking a picture of the beautiful scenery you just saw. Traveling makes it possible for us to try new things, explore new worlds, and reach new heights. The most important experiences are the ones we can’t forget. And that’s why to help us remember, we shoot photos of natural sceneries we get the chance to behold.

But what has spray painting has to do with it?

Simple. It’s more effective than saved photos.

Pictures taken through our phones and tablets make us remember what we saw. Sometimes, these photos also remind us of the feeling. If we speak of “totally reminiscing,” spray-painting can do the job better. Here are the reasons why:

It enables us to see even the tiniest of details

pattern-spray-gun-spray-paintWhen you want to replicate a picture using spray-paint, you’ll look at every minute detail, right? You wouldn’t want to miss those seemingly tiny birds flying over the skies! Spray-painting allows you to analyze the photo properly, so you can identify the techniques and the materials you’ll use, like stencils or a round-shaped piece of paper for round objects like the sun.

It challenges us

Spray-painting natural sceneries also involve the use of shadows and blending of different colors to make it look natural. I mean, even kids can paint works of art in 3D.

It brings back almost the exact feeling


When you gaze on a photo you’ll copy, you’ll be able to look at the details, which means every part of it gives you the chance to recall exactly what you felt during that moment. For instance, if you were looking at a picture of a sunset, then you’d remember the dramatic, calm, and warm feeling you had before you decided to take a photo. After all, you probably got mesmerized by the natural beauty of the sun, which made you think you should capture it.

It makes us more appreciative of nature

spray-painting natural sceneries

Spray-painting natural sceneries allow us to appreciate the creation, the natural world. The world without pollution. The world without buildings. We’ll be able to see the magnificence and splendor of the skies, the seas, and all other natural elements of this planet. We’ll be able to appreciate the paradise that was given to us for us to take care of. And when we appreciate nature, we’ll be empowered to save what’s left, which is also an excellent advantage for Mother Nature.


So, let’s all together get our paint sprayers from Paint Sprayer Mag and start painting!

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Bring These When Exploring Outdoors


Exploring outdoors is not just about getting a dose a fresh air. Exploring outdoors is also not just about getting a dose of bright sunshine. It’s about seeing places you’ve never been and you’ve only seen from pictures. It’s also about experiencing things you’ve never done and you’ve only heard from friends. Even more so, exploring outdoors allows you to reconnect with Mother Nature like no one else has ever done before.

That being said, it’s only right for you to bring these when exploring outdoors:

A Thermos Of Coffee

Seeing places you’ve never been and you’ve only seen from pictures will take time for you to fully see. Thus, you need to bring a thermos of coffee – not just for you to boost that energy in roaming all over the place, but also for you to boost that excitement while roaming all over the place by making sure that you’re wide awake and you’re clearly seeing all those scenic places.

But of course, you can only make sure that you’re wide awake and you’re clearly seeing all those picturesque views with a cup of warm coffee – which can be made via those seen on Coffee-Channel. Put the warm coffee in a thermos, at the side of your backpack, and off you go seeing places!

A Scrapbook Of Pictures

Experiencing things you’ve never done and you’ve only heard from friends will take effort for you to fully experience. Thus, you need to bring a scrapbook of pictures – not just for you to remember what you came for, but also for you to realize why you truly came by making sure that you’re wide awake and you’re clearly experiencing all those incredible things.

But of course, you can only make sure that you’re wide awake and you’re clearly experiencing all those incredible things with a proof of evidence – which can be done via those seen by other people. Put the proof of evidence in a scrapbook, inside your backpack, and off you go experiencing things!

A Blanket

When it comes to exploring outdoors, blankets are not just known for its keep-me-warm purpose. Because when it comes to exploring outdoors, blankets are also known for its keep-me-safe purpose against lethal creatures like swarming bees in every corner of a mountain or deadly situations like falling accidentally at the edge of a cliff.

Thus, it’s only right for you to bring a blanket while exploring outdoors not just to keep yourself warm, but also to keep yourself safe no matter what happens.

Experiencing Outdoor Life In The Best Way Possible

outdoor life

Being outdoors is not just a way to get closer to nature. It’s not just a way to get a dose of fresh air. It’s not just a way to get healthy and fit.

Being outdoors is a way to see for yourself what nature has to offer. It’s a way to experience for yourself how wonderful nature is. Most of all, it’s a way to reconnect with who you are by reconnecting with who you’re around with and what you’re surrounded with.

Experience outdoor life in the best way possible by:


Bummed about not staying in a 5-star hotel for the weekend? Don’t be. You’ll be staying in a 5-thousand-star hotel for the weekend – and yes, just by camping. You see, the world is pretty much best seen and best experienced outside of the house and far away from the hustle and the bustle of city life. All you need to do is just camp out, set up a tent, light a bonfire, and look up the sky.


For most people, hiking is only something done by mountain climbers and other expert travelers. But you know what? Going up the stairs at home is also called hiking. So, what’s stopping you from going up the trails at mountains? This is not just for you to be healthy and fit, but also for you to see and to experience how relaxing lush forests can be and how calming peak views can be.


It may be freezing cold outside during winter, but this shouldn’t stop you in seeing and in experiencing nature – even in one of its worst. Pack your bags, head up to a ski resort, and go ski ahead! You can also go snowboarding, if you’re up for it, and enjoy the ride of your life! Just don’t forget to bring ski must haves to prevent yourself from getting into accidents.

5 of the Best Places in the World to Live for Outdoor Lovers

For most people who live far from the wilderness, outdoor activities and adventures often entail some planning and traveling. But there are those who are lucky to live in towns and cities where the great outdoors is only a short trek or trip away. Whether you are looking for your next vacation getaway or a new place to move into, here are some of the best places in the world for an outdoorsy lifestyle.

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town
Cape Town offers all the attractions and amenities of an urban area while still retaining its deep connection with its natural setting. Escape from the hustle and bustle of city is easy and often requires little planning given the wealth of choices available. From beaches to lush forests and scenic mountains, Cape Town has everything in spades. The beautiful and iconic Table Mountain beckons with its numerous hiking trails. There are many beaches where people can enjoy a wide array of water activities like surfing. A visit to the suburbs and rural areas allow you to enjoy the surrounding natural scenery that some people living in highly urbanized cities will have to travel far for to see.

Interlaken, Switzerland
Interlaken, Switzerland
Interlaken is one of the closest things to paradise for outdoor lovers. Its picturesque towns, breathtaking meadows, and spectacular scenery are a feast to the senses. Outdoor activities abound including biking, climbing, hiking, and skiing among others. It is also a great place to simply slow down and relax while taking in the stunning views everywhere. From leisurely lakeside picnics or strolls to exhilarating skiing trips from magnificent mountains, Interlaken can fulfill your quest for adventures.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
The Sin City, or the City that Never Sleeps as some people fondly call it, has more to offer than the gilded and exciting attractions of the Strip. Not very far from the blinding lights and entertainment hubs are destinations for unforgettable outdoor adventures. Top outdoor attractions include the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, the beautiful sandstone at Cloud Tower, Lake Mead, Mount Charleston, and Zion National Park among others.

Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown in New Zealand has long been associated with adventure sports and activities. It is where the bungee jump started. Many adventure seekers travel to this picturesque resort town to experience the wide array of activities the place has to offer. Some of the must-see and do things while in Queenstown include bungee jumping from the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge, river adventures, skiing from scenic mountain slopes, hiking, walking, and more.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. There is no dearth of places to find stunning nature scenery. From waterfront attractions to magnificent views of snow-capped mountains and more natural attractions in between, the city is one of the best places in the world for outdoorsy people to live or visit. Top attractions for outdoor lovers include Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Grouse Mountain, Kitsilano Beach, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Chinatown, and Queen Elizabeth Park.